ACUSTICA - Decorative acoustic panels for interiors


Collection of decorative acoustic panels for interior designed for working and contract spaces where sharing and socializing become more important. In these environments the acoustics is one of the big challenges on the market.
The ACUSTICA collection is introduced in this circumstance with three acoustic elements, floor and table versions, conceived also as dividing elements, and a third wall version. They represent the first series of a more ambitious collection that will allow to completely fit up any environment.
These acoustic elements feature a simple and functional design that acquires, optionally, and through the articulation of some accessories, the functions of a hanger and an object-holder. They are made in a sound absorbing material that significantly improves the acoustics, reducing the reverberations and absorbing the background sound. The NRC noise reduction coefficient is 0.85.
Acustica incorporates fire retardant features, tested and certified in class B-s1,d0 according to european standard EN 15501-1.
Panels are 12mm thick and are made of a sustainable material made of recycled PET bottles; besides, they are available in three different colours - light grey, dark grey and green - allowing the customization of different spaces.
The wall panel can be used either individually either in groups and fixed in vertical or horizontal position.
Even the floor and table versions can be used individually or in groups. These are equipped with a Ral 9005 anthracite colored metal post that makes them mobile; they can also act as sound absorbing and sound proofing barriers or partitions for rooms.
All the panels in the various versions are fitted with metal discs; in the floor version they also act as coat hangers. The floor version also comes with a metal disc with a diameter of 20cm which acts as a shelf.
The destination of these items is very wide, being suitable for restaurants, bars, offices, meeting rooms, theaters, waiting rooms; practically they are suitable for all communities and work or leisure environments.
The production is entirely made in the European Community.
Design: Jordi Blasi & Nahtrang Design.
Dimensions in cm of the wall panel ACUSTICA-P: H120, W40, D1,2. Weight 1.1kg.
Dimensions in cm of the floor panel ACUSTICA-PT: H160, W50, D35. Weight 5.8kg.
Dimensions in cm of the table panel ACUSTICA-PT: H43, W40, D20. Weight 1.9kg.
Dimensions in cm of the metal hanger disk: H6.5, W6.5, D0.3. Weight 0.1kg.