REGOLABILE - Modular platforms and stages for theaters and concerts


Modular platforms and stages for theaters and concerts, rectangular 100x200cm, with folding scissor legs and adjustable to 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm from the floor. These platforms can also be adjusted to form steps; therefore they are also suitable for orchestras, for choristers, for any type of show and event.
The platform is firmly fixed to the ground in a pit or hole 20cm deep and is kept at the same height as the external floor; on the occasion of an event, it can then be raised to the desired height up to a maximum of 80cm above the floor level, in a few minutes and with minimal effort.
One of the advantages of this platform is therefore to be part of the floor and not to be stowed in another place.
The lifting and lowering of the platform is possible only after using an unlocking key inserted in the two openings located on the top and suitably protected.
The lifting of the platform is carried out with an effort of only 9kg per person, thanks to a system of rollers that operates automatically from the "0" position up to a height of 20cm.
The exact dimensions to create the pit are obtained by adding to the dimensions of the tops a space of 3mm between platforms and between platform and edge of the floor.
This modular stage is safe for both static and dynamic loads, being tested for a capacity of 750kg/m2 according to the current safety regulations.
The metal structure is in iron tubular. The top frame, on the contrary, is in aluminum and is suitably shaped for fixing accessories; it is also reinforced with die-cast corner elements.
The tops are available in a wide range of materials suitable for indoors and outdoors; in addition, fire retardant tops in class Bfl-S1 according to the european safety standard Din En 13501-1 for entertainment and public show venues are available as well.
The weight of the 2x1 platform is about 110kg. The height of the platform completely folded is 16cm.
These modular platforms are supplied with a series of useful accessories, such as an expansion hook to securely link platforms in both directions, positioned on a single height or in stepped configuration. Railings, steps with or without handrails, fabric skirts or rigid panels for the infill of the sides, a small folding trap door for the passage of the cables are available as well.
The production of these modular platforms is made in the European Community.