BANCO-SCUOLA - Classroom tables for training and meeting


These classroom tables for training and meeting are ideal for multipurpose rooms; infact they are modular and allow easy and quick configuration according to the needs of each day. They are also highly stackable, linkable and easy to transport and stow thanks to a made on purpose trolley.
The tables are rectangular 66.5x52.5cm and 73cm high; they are therefore very compact and single station. They stack vertically 10 high on the floor or 20 high on the trolley, with the smallest footprint.
These functional features make these tables a useful complement for furnishing classrooms, schools, universities and libraries; however, they are also suitable for conference and meeting rooms.
The table has a linear and elegant design, with excellent aesthetic quality, and is resistant to scratches and impacts.
The table structure is in steel rod epoxy powder coated in the colors white, aluminum gray or black; chromed finish is available as well.
The top is rectangular 60x50cm, 10mm high; it is in white compact laminate with a black edge. The front is equipped with a black ABS infill panel.
The tables are supplied with the structure assembled and the top and front panel removed.
As an option, there is a short or a long coupling in gray plastic to be placed on the floor, sliding felt shoes for delicate floors, glides for soft floors and a trolley for transport and storage.
The production of these school tables for training courses and meetings is entirely made in Italy, together with the related chairs.